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The Revenge of Zachariah Kermit Higgins is rich entertainment with an uplifting theme—a vividly textured novel that intertwines the comedy and pathos of 7th grade in particular and life in general.”—Mark Spencer, winner of the Faulkner Society Faulkner Award and author of Ghost Walking, Trespassers, A Haunted Love Story

“This is an exciting suspense-filled story of cyber bullying and how the mystery was solved. I highly recommend this important, timely book for tween and teens.”—Emily Wood, National Law-Related Teacher of the Year, National Elementary Teacher of the Year

“I love the book. I really enjoyed reading it. I’m sure other people would love to read it.”—Elizabeth R., 5th grader

“The book drew me in.  I read it in one day.  It felt realistic, and it felt like someone would actually do this.  The ending was crazy but awesome at the same time.”—Zachary, 5th grader

“I loved it.  The story was exciting and thrilling.  I couldn’t wait to turn the page and see what was going to happen next.”—Corey H., 5th grader

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