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I love to visit schools, bookstores, libraries, book clubs, scout troops, and wherever book enthusiasts are. I like everybody present to be involved. That is why I plan my visits to be fun and interactive. I prefer small groups to allow everybody to ask questions and participate, but I am happy to talk to larger groups.  Most readers of my book are grades 4-7, but I am comfortable working with grades K-college and older adults.


All visits include a book signing and Q&A session, as well as bookmarks for every participant and drawings for one or more signed book(s).




For short visits, we can do author Q & A, book chats, readings, and signings.


For longer visits, we can have a presentation.



Examples of presentations


Read from the book and talk about bullying, focusing on both the bullied and the bully.


Read from the book and talk about writing like,

How to use reality for inspiration when writing fiction. Students/participants can work individually, in small groups, or we can work together to develop a story, depending on the number of participants and time available.




How to get published, focusing on the various stages the manuscript goes through before it turns into the final product.

These are just examples of presentations.  I’m also open to any thoughts and suggestions for presentations.  Remember, I am also a researcher, a dietitian, and diabetes specialist.  So, I can talk about a variety of topics.


It is easiest to visit schools and places in Tulsa Metro and surrounding areas because that is where I live.  If you are not near Tulsa, it is still possible to schedule an actual visit to your classroom, library, bookstore, book group or we can visit via Skype or video conferencing.



Please use the contact form on this site to query about visits*.


***Now scheduling for the 2017-2018 school year***

*Please don’t let budgetary concerns stop you from reaching out!  Visiting you is my main goal.



Thank you for your interest!


Looking forward to visiting with you




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